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From Friday, June 29th to Thursday, July 5th,
Le CiNéMa Club presents


A film by

Anna Pollack

With Clovis Bataille

Directed by: Anna Pollack - Written by: Anna Pollack
USA - 2018 - 5 min




This week, we’re happy to present an ingenious, enchanting short film made by the young New York filmmaker Anna Pollack. In this five-minute video, we’re introduced to a young man cycling through the night, talking about his ardent teenage love for a girl, remembering and recounting small details about her, such as her chameleon-like quality. The film plays as an evening romantic confession.

Pollack began with a real-life voicemail that her French friend Clovis had once left her and that she had saved. She created a fictional narrative around it, blending photographs and footage of Clovis and other friends from when they had first met during time abroad in London, along with archival images and a video she had asked him to shoot of himself recording that message (shot in Paris). Pollack then edited all of this material together, playing with the textures and associations of the different formats and mediums. We love the simplicity, contemporaneity and sensibility of the result.

"It’s a collage, a mixture of different formats and mediums, different people, places and spaces, from a same, familiar period of my life, that I threw and mushed together and tried to work into a story. I like that it’s layered; the voicemail and the footage are each true on their own, but put together they’re not."

— Anna Pollack

Anna Pollack grew up in Queens, New York. She remembers watching films from an early age and finding through them “a way to escape things,” including high school. She recently graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and is now interning for the Safdie brothers’ production company Elara Films, as well as logging and taking notes on footage for the documentarian Udi Aloni. She’s currently finishing both a photobook and a film on a recent trip she made to Jamaica, where her mother is from. Pollack enjoy working with, and mixing, both mediums. You can find more of her work on her Vimeo page, including earlier films such as A Family Portrait or Juan. Pollack adds; “I’d like to make a feature-length narrative one day, maybe when I’m older, but my thing now is rather to capture real people and real things. I want to experience more before sitting down and writing.” 


Directed by: Anna Pollack
Written by: Anna Pollack

USA - 2018 - 5 min