A SUMMER DRESS a film by François Ozon. 1996, France, 15 min. With Sébastien Charles, Frédéric Mangenot and Lucia Sanchez. An erotic comedy time capsule from the early career of the prolific French director.


This week we’re presenting a short, playful, and erotic comedy directed by prolific French filmmaker François Ozon (8 Women, Swimming Pool, In the House) made early in his career in 1996. With elegant and colorful frames, A Summer Dress follows Luc, a young man who escapes to the beach, seeking time away from his lover, only to encounter a spirited Spanish girl. (This film includes graphic nudity!)



We are presenting this short in partnership with MyFrenchFilmFestival, a month-long online film festival starting today with Paolo Sorrentino leading the jury. Head over to their platform to watch new features, including films by directors we have highlighted previously on Le Cinéma Club such as Justine Triet, Léa Mysius, Antonin Peretjako, and Olivier Babinet.


One admires the construction of the narrative in A Summer Dress, cleverly built around a love triangle and a flowery piece of clothing. Over 24 hours, the story manages to capture a tale of sexual liberation, while providing a perfect capsule of time and place. Here is Ozon in 1998, in an interview with IndieWire about A Summer Dress:


“Sexuality… This is where the challenge as a director becomes stronger, because there is always the question about where to put the camera, at what angle and where to set it. It’s actually more fun to shoot a sex scene than lovers’ dialogue.” FRANÇOIS OZON


François Ozon is a beloved French director who has directed seventeen features, and numerous short films featuring actors such as Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Jacqueline Bisset, and Charlotte Rampling. His films regularly travel around the world in the major film festivals, and his films Swimming Pool (2003), Young & Beautiful (2013), and Double Lover (2017) were in the main selection of the Cannes Film Festival.

Credits for
Sébastien Charles, Frédéric Mangenot & Lucia Sanchez
written by
François Ozon
produced by
Olivier Delbosc
Yorick Le Saux
Jeanne Moutard
production design
Sandrine Cayron