We Will Never Be Alone Again a film by Yann Gonzalez. 2012, USA, 10 min. Getting to the core of the teenage pulse in this risky, dreamlike Super 8 short. 


Le Cinéma Club is presenting We Will Never Be Alone Again, a black-and-white short shot in Super 8 by Yann Gonzalez. The filmmaker directed this short a few months before shooting his first feature, Les Rencontres d’après Minuit, a film which received much recognition for delivering something different and original in the realm of French cinema. The work of Yann Gonzalez takes risks, explores the imaginary and the surreal, and is both dreamlike and poetic.



We Will Never Be Alone Again immerses us in a nighttime party where teenagers dance, unwind, kiss and scream. We follow them into the morning, waking up as in a parallel world. Yann Gonzalez created this short for a director friend who was compiling a collection of shorts on Super 8 around the theme of desire. Gonzalez’ love of the music duo Belong, and especially their song “Come See” — the first track featured in the short — inspired him for the story. The director loved the song so much that he wanted to recreate what he felt when listening to it.


“The idea was to try to reproduce in images everything I could experience on a sensory and emotional basis with this song.” YANN GONZALEZ


Super 8 allowed Gonzalez to achieve a grainier, less clean image, in order to get at the core of the teenage pulse. He wanted to lose himself with the project, to distance himself from his usually more choreographed films. When asked about his influences, in general, Gonzalez cites Brian De Palma, Dario Argento and of course Robert Bresson — and the unfortunately too under-appreciated Gerard Blain. For this short, he was strongly influenced by Ben Russell’s Black and White Trypps Number Three.


Yann Gonzales recently finished writing his second feature Un Couteau Dans le Coeur, which he will shoot in the fall. The film is a thriller about love and death set in the world of lesbian pornography in 1970s Paris. The film will be produced by Charles Gillibert (Clouds of Sils Maria, Eden, Mustang) and Arte France.

Credits for
written by
Yann Gonzalez
produced by
Cécile Vacheret
Thomas Favel
Belong & M83
Thomas Marchand