Pact a film by Ben Adler. 2013, France, 7 min. Virtual romance takes a dangerous turn in this minimalist short.

This film screened exclusively for a week and is currently not available online.

On the day of her birthday, a teenager concludes a dangerous relationship with an online partner. Pact is a short film by young British director Ben Adler. He is currently based between Paris and London, working for the past 3 years as an assistant to Wes Anderson. He directed Pact out of film school in Paris, and shot it in two days with a few hundred euros.



Pact is a perfect example of how you can tell a thrilling story within 7 minutes. The film’s subject is based on a variety of real life stories combined into a fictional one written by the director. Ben Adler is currently developing his first feature.

Credits for
Zoë Wittock & Elliot Hartley
written by
Ben Adler
produced by
Gaëlle Mareschi, Sophie Heurzeau & Ben Adler
Merlyn Haycraft
Axel Dachet & Thomas Prulière