In the Cinéma Club of… Clément Cogitore

Clément Cogitore is a French filmmaker and contemporary artist. His first feature, Neither Heaven nor Earth, was described as a “striking debut” by Variety. It premiered at Critics’ Week in Cannes, was nominated for the César Award for Best First Feature and was selected for the 2016 New Directors/New Films festival at the Film Society of Lincoln Center & MoMA. Cogitore has directed six shorts – including Among Us (2012), which Le Cinéma Club presented. Cogitore has had regular solo and collective art shows (Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou, Kunsthalle) and he is currently developing his second feature.


Clément Cogitore shares with us five films he loves.

F FOR FAKE, Orson Welles, 1973

The portrait of a brilliant forger from the seventies. A hide-and-seek game about the real and fake that interrogates our relationship to works of arts and the value that we give to them.

LA MAMAN ET LA PUTAIN, Jean Eustache, 1973

As with many directors who have seen this film, there was my life before seeing it, and there was my life after...

TRASH, Paul Morrissey, 1970

The story of a gigolo from New York City played by Joe Dallesandro. A film about the flow of desire and money. Produced by Andy Warhol. Nothing more to say.

TOUTES LES NUITS, Eugène Green, 2001

A wonderful (and loose) adaptation of Flaubert's Sentimental Education by one of my favorite directors.

BERLIN HORSE, Malcom le Grice, 1970

An experimental film in 16 mm that lasts less than 10 minutes. The music by Brian Eno. Spellbinding.