On the Set of The Devil All the Time with Antonio Campos

Antonio Campos' newest film The Devil All the Time is a haunting Southern Gothic set in the aftermath of WWII and led by an incredible ensemble cast including Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgård, Jason Clarke, Riley Keough, Mia Wasikowska, Haley Bennett and Harry Melling, among others. Brought to life by Campos’ sharp instinct for dark tales and elegant cinematic style, the film explores the relationship between religious faith and horrific violence in a small Appalachian town. On the occasion of its release, Campos shared with us a selection of on-set photos (taken by Glen Wilson) and lovingly dedicated notes to his cast and crew, bringing us behind the scenes of the ambitious shoot. The Devil All the Time is now screening on Netflix.

"It’s not often you get to adapt a book you love. In the case of The Devil All the Time, I also had the pleasure of actually getting to know and become friends with the author himself, Donald Ray Pollock. He is the voice of the Narrator in the film, and I’m so lucky to have had his support and input throughout. He came to visit once and when I asked what he thought about being on set he said, 'Man… this shit is crazy. I can see why you directors are a little loopy.' "

"Lol Crawley, the DP on the film, in the mud with Tom Holland. Lol is not only a brilliant DP, but he’s got an electric personality and brings a wonderful energy to set every day. He’s also a fighter. Any director would be lucky to have him in their corner."

"Bill Skarsgård doing Pennywise in between takes and trying to scare the wonderful Annie Marter and Randy Poster."

"My son, Emilio Subercaseaux Campos, is about 6 or 7 months here. It was a very special thing to have him not only on set but also play a small role as Baby Arvin in the film. He was not the greatest actor I’ve ever worked with, a little difficult. I still love him though."

"The first question I asked Harry Melling when I met him was 'How do you feel about spiders?' He had read the script and knew why I was asking. 'I don’t love them, but I’m happy to get to know them.' NOTE: All of this was supervised and not one spider was hurt."

"This is from my favorite scene in the entire film. You will not find a more natural, effortless, soulful and committed actor in his generation than Tom Holland. And I can’t think of anyone as brilliantly mad and inspired as Robert Pattinson."

"One of my favorite people to see every day, T.J. Larson, the script supervisor. Here he is by my side, where I always want him to be."

"The great producer Riva Marker and Tom Holland making fun of me. For a film as intense as The Devil All the Time is, it’s kind of amazing how much laughter there was behind the scenes. It’s necessary to get through the days."

"My wife Sofía Subercaseaux is also the editor of the film. She would visit set often between editing the assembly and breastfeeding our baby. Easily my closest collaborator, she is also one of the most incredible people I know. Here, I was probably fretting about something, and she was being a voice of calm and reason."

"Randall Poster, who is best known as a music supervisor, is a producer on the film and an amazing one at that. Randy actually gave me the book and got the whole thing started. He always brought humor and a positive energy on the hardest days to help us all get through."

"We had several shots and a couple scenes that couldn’t fit into the main photography schedule. 2nd unit can be a nerve-racking prospect for a director – you’re entrusting your baby to someone else. I was very lucky to get a brilliant director to take the reins of 2nd unit – Brady Corbet with the help of Zack Galler to shoot, and one of the best ADs, Matt McLoota, to run the show. Grateful to have had the help. This shot didn’t make the film, but we’ll release it one day."

"I don’t know what was happening here, but Tom and I were having a moment at the end of a very long day. Such a lovely person. The AD Brian Bettwy in the background probably screamed, 'THAT’S A WRAP!' one second after this was taken, totally killing the mood."

"The hardest day on the film – a scene from early on of Willard on the Solomon Island approaching a crucified marine."