Frank & Tyrone Lebon Behind the Scenes of Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum

The British photographer Tyrone Lebon (one of fashion’s most acclaimed and innovative new eyes) and his younger brother Frank (a remarkable camera talent himself) were invited by their longtime inspiration Harmony Korine to cover the wild shoot of The Beach Bum (now available on digital) and wander as they pleased on the set of the Florida Keys production starring Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Zac Efron, Isla Fisher and Jonah Hill. They documented their trip with a 20-minute making-of film (sign up for their mailing list for upcoming screenings) and a photo book, Inside the Bum, featuring on-set images with their thoughts, notes, and souvenirs – printed in limited edition by DoBeDo and sampled here with the brothers’ commentary.

"Harmony blocking a Moondog and Snoop car scene." F.L.

"Moondog interview BTS." T.L.

"Snoop arrives on set on time, however early, ready to be the funniest guy there, always with a fat blunt in his hand." F.L.

"From the first day on set… Harmony with cigar at 'Lingerie’s Mansion' on Star Island." T.L.

"Sun sets over the Keys, as Harmony and Zach watch Moondog’s scene through the monitor." F.L.

"Snoop’s last-day shoot. He poses for pretty much everyone, including the on-set police escorts." F.L.

"Harmony directing the Pulitzer Prize scene, and the last night shooting the boat money explosion. Was a beautiful and fun night to end filming." T.L.

"The fireworks before the explosion (with cat)." T.L.

"Isla Fisher and Moondog having an intimate moment between scenes at Key West bar." F.L.

"Harmony on his hundred millionth cigar, and hobo diving into mansion pool." F.L.

"Some scrapbook pages with Key West cockerel in hotel." T.L.

"Photo of the DV recorder deck in my and Tyrone’s room. We would download all the taped footage every night. The frame is Harmony smoking as he directs the tennis scene." F.L.